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Maintenance and support

Many web agencies can deliver a satisfactory web application. Several have a good process that can give a good end result. When the project is finished and the site has been launched, they might not have the operational resources to take care of the customer and the site by providing continual improvements. The result is often that both the customer and the site become neglected until the site is so outdated that it requires a complete upgrade after 3-4 years. This is both expensive and gives a less than optimal result.

We have a team that ensures that web sites are maintained and that customers are supported. Our continual support is divided into three parts.

E-mail support

Support email for critical requests that demand a swift response. We have a support team that are ready to pounce on challenges that appear.

Project tool

The Project tool is used to follow the progress of projects, general development, discussing ideas, making orders and general communication.

Development cycle

Orders and (non critical) bug fixes are collected and developed in certain cycles based on our agreement (f.ex. every second or fourth week). The cycle day starts off with a status meeting between the contact person in Ramsalt and the customer.

Ramsalt Lab is operating a large number of Drupal websites where we handle updates to Drupal core as well as installed modules. These are both security updates and more functional updates. We are automatically notified when new updates are available, and perform these at given intervals. Security updates that can affect the system will be applied quickly while module maintenance updates are on a monthly cycle.

Contact person

Yngve W. Bergheim