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The most important marketing channel for new students is on the Internet. We help you succeed in reaching out to students and employees.

We have many universities and colleges as clients, including the University of Bergen, Oslo University and University of Stavanger.

We have developed several websites for the Center for ICT in education and employees in Ramsalt have been central to the development of several education-related portals such as, the e-learning platforms from the National Center for Telemedicine, the Norwegian digital learning arena -, as well.

Universities and colleges have content that goes back many years in time. We have imported large amounts of data several times to Drupal, which provides a high degree of flexibility in relation to displaying content and searching in archives. We facilitate a high degree of logic and structure so that large amounts of information can be reached in a sensible manner. Students are often reached on social media. Therefore, publishing and participating in social media is an integral part of our solutions.

Our product adapted for use by universities and colleges is flexible and expandable. It is adapted to a modern expression and works on all mobile devices from the very beginning. In our solution it is easy to add up to

  • Course catalog and overview
  • Events and things happening
  • News
  • People and staff
  • Publications and overviews of research

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Yngve W. Bergheim