Drupal 7 security support will end - now is the time to plan a migration to Drupal 10!

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Drupal has been a robust choice for building and maintaining websites for decades. Like all other CMS systems, technological advancements and security requirements continually evolve at rapid speed and older software versions will be taken off the market.

In January 2025 Drupal 7 will finally reach its End of Life after 14 successful years and the necessity to transition to Drupal 10 has never been more critical.
Source: Drupal 7 End of Life | Drupal.org

What does Drupal 7 End of Life mean for your business?

This means the Drupal community and the official development team will stop providing support, including crucial security patches and updates. Without these updates, weaknesses in the system remain unaddressed, leaving websites vulnerable to dangerous cyber threats and data exploitation.

46,5% of all Drupal sites are still running on version 7

Source: Usage Statistics and Market Share of Drupal, January 2024 (w3techs.com)

Your company isn't just facing a hard deadline to relaunch your new site as January 2025 grows closer. You’re also competing with a vast number of organizations just like yours that need to coordinate the same migration process.

It is important to understand that depending on the complexity of the website the migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 is not just a simple update. The data structure and design need to be rebuilt and major technical updates executed. Ramsalt has migrated numerous of clients from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 and have built a team of migration experts for a successful migration process.

Get an offer for the migration and make sure that your company stays agile and competitive:
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Why should you migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10? 

The foremost reason to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 lies in security. Yet, Drupal 10 brings automated updates, improved user experience, along with several other feature improvements. See our blog article: A new year, A new shiny Drupal 10 | Drupal | Ledende leverandør | Ramsalt.

Below we want to list some of the Drupal 10 highlights:

Improved content editing

CKEditor 5 update from CKEditor 4 - With a thorough rebuild and an exciting new feature set, CKEditor 5 gives Drupal 10 a modern, collaborative editor experience. Users of programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs will be used to the new CKEditor's interface. It also offers common tools for collaboration like comments, change suggestions, version histories, and other accepted editing practices. 

CKEditor 5 in Drupal

Try it our yourself here: Feature-rich editor - CKEditor 5 demo

Gutenberg Editor - With the latest Drupal 10 update, we are capable of using the most loved content editor. Here are some key points about the Gutenberg editor in the context of Drupal:

User-Friendly Interface: Gutenberg provides a more intuitive and visual editing experience. It uses blocks to represent various content elements like text, images, and videos, making it easy for users to build and design their content layout.

Enhanced Content Creation: With Gutenberg, content creators can design more complex layouts without needing any extensive technical knowledge. It offers a wide range of customization options within each block, making it easier to design diverse and dynamic web pages, we even have our own Gutenberg landing page builder in-house. the limits are your imagination.

Responsive Design: Blocks in the Gutenberg editor are inherently responsive, ensuring that content created in Drupal looks good on all devices.

Extensibility: Just like Drupal, Gutenberg is highly extensible. Developers can create custom blocks to add new functionalities, tailored to specific needs.

Try it out for yourself: Drupal Gutenberg demo

Improved Admin and Design Themes

Drupal 10 introduces a significantly enhanced theming system, characterized by its streamlined single-directory component structure. This advancement not only boosts overall performance but also accelerates the rollout of new features. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive editing capabilities, enabling a seamless top-to-bottom customization experience. This modernized approach in Drupal 10 ensures a more efficient, user-friendly, and agile development process, catering to the evolving needs of end-users and editorial teams alike.

Improved Website Performance & Security

Drupal 10 improves your site security by including up-to-date protocols and technical dependencies such as PHP 8.2, Symfony 6.2. This means a faster and more modern website out of the box.

With enhanced dynamic caching (BigPipe) reduces page load times by invalidating only the content that has changed and therefore provides a faster and better user experience.

Drupal 10 also marks the end of Drupal 7’s jQuery. A large JavaScript library, jQuery was a powerful tool, but modern browsers perform many of the same functions. The up-to-date JavaScript used by Drupal 10 also decreases page load times and snappier behavior for the end users.

Source: Drupal 10 | Drupal.org & Drupal 10.2 is now available | Drupal.org

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