• Ramsalt Lab in Lofoten, Norway
  • Ramsalt at "Kalle strategy days" on the Lofoten Islands, May 2017.

    In the Drupal global conference keynote in Seattle April 9th, top contributors got a big “thank you” from the Drupal Association that was applauded from over 3 000 conference attendees. We in Ramsalt are delighted to be on the list. To say the least. 

    Drupal is the second most used CMS in the world and has millions of installations serving billions of users.

    Ramsalt was founded on the vision that with the contribution to open source, a handful of people, a small organization far up in remote north, above the Arctic Circle, could help make the world a better place, by advancing in technology.

    Ramsalt is now not just a handful of people, we might not fit in the definition of a small organization anymore, and we now have six offices south of the Arctic Circle.
    But every single one in Ramsalt has been important to reach the Top Contributors list, and that makes every single man and woman in Ramsalt making a huge impact on the software billions of web surfers are using every day.

    We made it!

    The keynote at DrupalCon Seattle: 

    And YOU made it!

    You trusted us. By choosing Ramsalt you have not only helped your organization get a better website but also made the world a better place by letting us contribute back to the open source community.

    Your contributions are now used by millions of users! Stop a second and think about that.

    Yes. You deserve a cake today!  

    A special thanks to those organizations that have sponsored modules and other contributions. Some of you have have their own organization profile to show the world that you are contributing. If you don’t have an organization profile on Drupal.org just yet, contact us, so we can put it up for you. Be proud of yourself.

    You are awesome!  

    We will continue, together with our clients, to strive to make the world a better place with contributions to open source software and Drupal.


    Written by Yngve Bergheim

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