DrupalCamp Lofoten

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Drupal Camp Lofoten

Ramsalt Lab arrangerer Drupalcamp på Kalle i Lofoten. Bli med oss på Kalle eller se streamen som vi poster på vår event på Facebook.

Programet er som følger:

13:00 - 14:00 

- How to get most out of Drupal console? Marlon Saglia
- Composer is taking over Drupal 8. Stephan Zeidler

14:05 - 14:50

- The fate of one CKEditor body field for all. Stephan Zeidler
- Paragraphs to rule them all. Øystein Lygre

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More and more states in the EU are making Google Analytics illegal, and if that isn’t enough to make you look for an alternative web analytics software, here is another strong argument: 

Nina Holzapfel

As Google itself announced that they’ll begin turning off Universal Analytics by July 1, 2023 there was great confusion in the market and companies are uncertain on how to proceed. Within this blog post we want to explain the most common terms, compare Google Analytics 4 to Matomo Analytics and inform companies about their choices.

Nina Holzapfel

This year's social gathering took place in Kalle (Lofoten) in Northern Norway. The whole international team met up and had four days full of activities including presentations, strategic planning and lots of fun.

Nina Holzapfel

The Liberian Observer is Liberia's first independent daily newspaper that envisions expanding into new markets and becoming the leading national digital newspaper. After thoughtful investigation they chose Ramsalt as digital partner.