Vegard Johansen


Vegard Johansen

Senior Drupal developer / Information Architecture / Interaction Designs

Vegard holds a major in media science from the University of Copenhagen, where he focused on the web media's distinctive character, social networking sites, blogging, user-driven development and megatrends on the web. Vegard is our information architect and interaction designer.

Previously, Vegard worked in Gray Digital's user-friendliness department in Copenhagen, and held a number of user-friendliness tests in lab, workshops, user interviews, development of personas, and gained an in-depth knowledge of practical information architecture and interaction design.

Furthermore, Vegard has worked as a web developer and specialist consultant at the National Center for Telemedicine, in the department for online-based competence development, with among others. with the development of a number of online courses and websites for the health service, and led the development of the course portal, which is based on Drupal.

In Ramsalt, Vegard has worked on a number of projects such as interaction designer, project manager and web developer, among others for Morgenbladet, På Høyden (UiB) and Barents Observer, as well as a number of corporate networking sites, intranets and application systems. In addition, Vegard runs extensive training and customer follow-up.