Many web agencies can deliver a satisfactory project. Several have a good process that can give a good end result. When the project is finished and the site has been launched, they might not have the operational resources to take care of customer and website and provide continual improvements. The result is often that both the customer and the site become neglected until the site is so outdated that it requires a complete upgrade after 3-4 years. This is both expensive and gives a less optimal result. We have a dedicated team that focus on support and are ready to quickly receive and handle requests.

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Updated status for our servers can always be found on

Email Support

Our support service is used for critical support cases that demand lightning quick follow-up. Write detailed error messages, add relevant links and screenshots to allow us to solve the case as quickly as possible. Each organization has one named person with access to send support requests. If your organization does not have this permission, contact us on phone number 772 99 518 so we can grant you access.

Project Space is used to track the progress of projects, report bugs and for general development. Discussion of ideas, orders and general conversation can also take place here. If you do not have a user here, contact your organization's contact person or the project manager in Ramsalt.

Development Cycle

Once a site is launched, new features and bugfixes (non-critical) are collected and worked on in certain iterations based on what has been agreed upon (f.ex. bi-weekly). The iteration day starts off with a status meeting between the Ramsalt contact person and the customer.

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