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CTO / Senior Fullstack developer
Ramsalt Lab team on a hike

Ramsalt Lab is a leading Drupal web agency in Northern Europe, rated high on drupal.org in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Russia.

We serve mostly customers in Norway, with a main focus on newspapers and the education sector. We are ambassadors for open source software and own a micro brewery!

What we offer

  • an international, open and welcoming team. We have employees from UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Russia. 
  • four company retreats/gatherings a year. DrupalCon is one of them 
  • interesting and engaging projects and clients! In publishing - newspapers and magazines, universities, NGO like Amnesty International
  • task ranging from concept work to web development
  • competitive salary
  • brewing evenings where we brew high class beer on our micro brewery
  • lean and flexible work hours and work location


Everywhere! We seek to strengthen our offices in Oslo, Tromsø, Molde, Kabelvåg, Härnösand, Murmansk and Berlin, but we have a distrubuted mentality and would love to hire also outside our offices. Remote workers are very welcomed to apply!

​What we are looking for

We are actively looking for web developers, but skilled project managers are welcome as well to join our team. We look mostly for the right mindset, professionalism with a touch of craziness and a sense of humor. A mentality that includes these points:

  • “Sharing is caring”: We share the methods and best practices we develop and use at Ramsalt Lab with others at conferences. We also believe in and support Open Source.
  • Take responsibility: You do not need to be told every thing that has to be done. You know what is needed, when needed. We keep the Scandinavian model of a flat hierarchy and the ability to take responsibilities is key to this.
  • You are self-disciplined: A high degree of freedom at Ramsalt Lab requires discipline on a high level. You should be able to travel to the Caribbean and laying poolside with umbrella drink in one hand and a mouse in the other, while working as effective as when you are sitting in your office. True story.
  • Good communicator: You like to socialize both online and in real life.


  • Drupal - It’s a big advantage if you have knowledge of Drupal and D8, or other CMSes like Wordpress
  • PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / Ajax / HTML5 / CSS / SASS
  • Do you have experience with online newspapers? This will definitely come in handy
  • Wireframing and knowledge of information architecture is an advantage as well


Sept 27. 2018 (Due to high demand we have extended the deadline period)

How to apply

Send a CV with application and link to your drupal.org profile to [email protected]


Questions regarding work possibilities should be directed to

More about Ramsalt Lab


Latest news

CSS frameworks are very popular these days. They give us a head start without having to write a lot of CSS. There is this new shiny thing that's gaining a lot of attention these days, TailwindCSS.

Photo of Hansa Pandit
Hansa Pandit

We are giving here an analysis of what happened a couple of weeks ago regarding the fire in the datacenter in Strasbourg.

Martin Normann Lund
Martin Normann Lund

Google Analytics er komplisert og kan virke litt skremmende selv for digitale hoder. Ramsalt Lab har gleden av å inviterer til webinar med Einar Ryvarden, digitalredaktør i tidsskriftet.no.

Yngve W. Bergheim
Yngve W. Bergheim

Onsdag morgen ble vi vekket til et mareritt; det brant i et av datasentrene vi bruker. Hele Ramsalt våknet tidlig denne morgenen for å hjelpe til å redde det vi kunne fra brannen.

Martin Normann Lund
Martin Normann Lund