Ramsalt team united on Lofoten Islands

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Ramsalt team in front of fishing village

For a long time Ramsalt has had the tradition to bring all employees together at one place for the yearly team event. This year's location turned out to be once again Kalle on beautiful Lofoten Islands where Martin and his family are based. In the past the gatherings also took place in Oslo, Tromsø or Berlin. It is always amazing to meet up with international colleagues from India, Ghana, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Middle East and Norway.

On Thursday and Friday the team event started with some company presentations and discussions. For us, as a digital and fully remote company, it is especially important to reflect on internal processes as well as client projects and share the knowledge in these gatherings. In so-called “task forces” we divide the team into smaller groups and work on optimizations within the company. This year we had task forces for marketing, project management, coding standards and much more. Stephan, our chief technical lead, also prepared the team for the upcoming Drupal 10 update and gave some valuable insights.

If we get together once a year, of course social activities are a must. The whole team had such a nice time in Kalle since we had lots of amazing opportunities around the area like hiking, jumping into the freezing-cold sea, going to the sauna, playing ping-pong or just hanging out and chatting with colleagues at the fireplace. Martin even took us out on the boat and everyone was witnessing the highlight of this year's event. We were surrounded by a hunting killer whale family and couldn’t get over the fact that we were at the right place at the right time. On the following day we had the chance to play a soccer game on the legendary soccer field in Henningsvær and end the team event with a visit to a local brewery (Lofotpils), solving an escape room and eating some amazing traditional Norwegian food.

Everybody is really looking forward to the next time we meet up @DrupalCon2022 in Prague.

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Photo of Jessica Denkelaar
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Nina Holzapfel