DrupalCon Prague 2022 - Top recommendations by Ramsalt!

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Drupalcon Prague

After two years, it was finally time to continue Ramsalt’s one of the most exciting traditions and meet the Drupal community in person again at DrupalCon Prague 2022. Ramsalt had the biggest delegation from Northern Europe. Based on our team’s experience, we have picked out our top recommendations for you from this year’s big event.

Keynote: Growing your business

Pavlina shared facts and practical ideas that can help businesses to scale their operations. Like; the number one blocker for innovation is internal communication. To overcome this blocker, do 1 to 1 meeting with the team twice a month, feedback to the team daily, and over-communicate. Anyone interested in company development should watch this presentation.  

-Yngve Bergheim, CEO and Stephan Zeidler, CTA

How Drupal 10 will make you fall in love with Drupal theming

This presentation was really awesome, I loved every bit of it. Mainly, it will make developers’ life much easier while developing drupal 10 themes or twig debugging and a one-click twig debugger enabling feature. Also, it supports some of the unique features like adding twig suggestions without using any hook. It includes support for single-file components which will be a big win for developers
Also, it will include modern CSS properties like all: revert so you don't have to reset each CSS property one by one, which can reduce CSS code.

-Neslee Canil Pinto, Drupal developer

Conflict management 

The customer is always right... except when they are not! Building collaborative partnerships and handling conflict in digital projects. | DrupalCon
This presentation focused on conflict management and wrong expectations in client projects. The key takeaway was to establish four fundamentals: transparency, communication, structure, and documentation. There were a lot of steps and best practices mentioned to prevent overpromising and escalations. Every PM should take this into account for their day-to-day client work.

-Nina Holzapfel, project manager

Drupal theming improvements coming to Drupal 10

Off of a blog post called “Level Up Your Twiggery” written by Hawkeye Tenderwolf from Lullabot, some of the ideas shared here is finding their way to the Drupal world, which is neat and saves you quite a lot of time and a lot of unneeded markups you can skip. The cool thing is the `|as` filter, which drupal turned into `|add_suggestion` which I believe the actual `|as` name would’ve been better, regardless it’s cool to see it in Drupal.

-Sohail Lajevardi, Frontend Engineer

Mind the last 20%!!!

Bendev had an interesting talk about managing time in projects and the experiences of other teams in their efforts to keep projects on time and schedule. Especially how using time on discovery in the early stages of the project we can mitigate much of the problems that can arise in the end stages of a project.

-Helge Notø, Project Manager 

Reimagining text editing with CKEditor

Upgrading from CKEditor 4 is simple and lossless. It is now possible to make inline edits. There are more options for aligning images with or without text flowing around them. The module will be default in core from version 9.5. There is no longer support for using the editor on IE11. The presentation also touched on having stylesheets for CKEditor 5 as an option. The use case could be to have the styling in the editor look more like how the styling is on the published content. 
It is recommended for developers that work with site-building to have an overview of these new features as well as to know other editors (such as Gutenberg). The new version of CKEditor 5 seems to have a bit more in common with GB when it comes to UI. It’s also nice to know some of this if you’re involved in the support or training of client users.

-Jon Simonsen, Frontend developer

Latest news

We have gathered some reasons why Drupal could be a better choice for your needs.

Yngve W. Bergheim
Yngve W. Bergheim

Cookies have played a significant role in the digital landscape for quite some time, offering various benefits. However, as online information becomes more abundant, the search giant Google is taking a decisive step by phasing out third-party cookies in its Chrome browser. 

Pierre Aryee
Perry Aryee

With Drupal 9 having reached its end of life (EOL) on November 1, it’s time to start planning for an upgrade.

Pierre Aryee
Perry Aryee

Drupal has been a robust choice for building and maintaining websites for decades. Like all other CMS systems, technological advancements and security requirements continually evolve at rapid speed and older software versions will be taken off the market.

Nina Holzapfel