Cooperation accross borders

Ramsalt gathering

Arctic Turn (Murmansk) and Ramsalt Lab, in cooperation with NRK filmmaker Trine Hamran, have produced the web documentary site, “Media daily reports on the new optimism in the north, an optimism caused by the great resources of the region. I believe it is important we remind each other that the greatest resources of the north is the people living here, says Hamran. “

Martin Lund and Yngve Bergheim from Ramsalt got selected to the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs program in 2012. YIE is a business development project that will make it more attractive for entrepreneurs to stay and do business as well as initiate projects in the Barents region.

The project aims to develop a support system for implement innovative business ideas by young innovative entrepreneurs in the Barents region, facilitating cross-border cooperation. 20 entrepreneurs are selected from Sweeden, Finland, Russia and Norway.

Ramsalt and Arctic Turn are now working on new projects together.

Latest news

The Liberian Observer is Liberia's first independent daily newspaper that envisions expanding into new markets and becoming the leading national digital newspaper. After thoughtful investigation they chose Ramsalt as digital partner.

With this ongoing pandemic across the globe, we are much more dependent on the internet. Most of us will sooner or later face some kind of disability to access the web world, which makes it imperative that our websites are accessible to everyone.

Photo of Hansa Pandit
Hansa Pandit

Torsdag 24. mars er Ramsalt med som arrangører av enda et PHP Meetup i Bergen. 

Denne gangen skal vi holde et uformelt foredrag om Composer som er en av grunnsteinene i moderne Drupal- og PHP-utvikling. 

Arrangementet er åpent for alle. Påmelding:

Photo of Helge Notø
Helge Notø

En avgjørelser fra 13. januar i Østerike konkluderer med at Google Analytics bryter med GDPR og er ulovlig å bruke.

Yngve W. Bergheim
Yngve W. Bergheim